Below is information about and a link to a survey by PCC into our recycling centres. If we want to keep St Davids Recycling Centre it would be good if as many as possible of us completed it. Feel free to pass it on.

A PCC Cabinet decision on the 15 March to undertake a consultation on proposals around amending the level of provision (including operating and opening arrangements) of Waste and recycling centres to provide a service which balances with the needs of the public as far as practicable, the required statutory level of service provision and the budgetary constraints that the service neds to operate within, was launched this week and puts forward potential options for residents to provide feedback.

The Pembrokeshire public is being asked for its views on the future operation of Waste and Recycling Centres (WRCs) in the County. A public consultation has launched and puts forward potential options for residents to provide feedback.

It follows examination of data that showed at some sites less than 30% of available slots at WRCS are being booked.

And, against a backdrop of ongoing changes to recycling legislation from the Welsh Government and increasing financial pressures, it is now timely to undertake a review of the WRCs.

The consultation and full consultation document can be found here:

The Council currently operates six WRCs across the County – Crane Cross, Hermon, Manorowen, St David’s, Waterloo and Winsel – one of the highest levels of WRCs provision in Wales.

The current operating costs for the WRCs are more than £1.3m per year. This cost is not sustainable and mandatory requirements to sites in line with changes to environmental permits will also require about £250,000 of infrastructure costs at five of the six WRC sites.

The consultation provides two options to balance the needs of the public as far as practically possible with the statutory level of service and budgetary constraints.

They are:

Option 1: Reduce the number of WRC sites operated by PCC.

Option 2: To rationalise the opening hours of all WRCs based on data. This could include changes to opening days / hours at WRCs.

The potential savings of a closure of a small WRC would be approximately £45,000 per year while reducing the opening hours by two days per week could provide a cost reduction of about £10,000 per year.

The public’s views are also sought on:

  1. The retention of the WRCs booking system
  2. The range of materials collected at WRCs across Pembrokeshire – i.e. do all sites need to accept all materials or should some just focus on recycling and reuse options?
  3. The range of non-domestic materials which incur charges

We have also asked for their own ideas, suggestions and different ways of working so that the services can be retained and made more efficient and effective.

The consultation is now live at and closes on Monday, 9th August 2021.

If  constituents cannot access the consultation online there are hard copies available at the Call Centre, please call 01437 764551.