Funeral Arrangements for Councillor Wendy Phillip’s Funeral

The funeral will take place on Monday 15th of March and unfortunately due to Covid restrictions is limited in numbers permitted to attend.  As we have previously done in recent weeks we would ask those residents in our community who wish to pay their respects to line the main road, this will be from 12:15 on Monday 15th March.  Wendy has played a significant part in community life over the years and I’m sure many of her friends and colleagues across the community will want to remember her. Our sympathies go out to her family.

Sad News

It is with deep sadness that we inform you of the sad passing of Councillor Wendy Phillips. A day that marks the loss of one of Solva’s most committed volunteers and residents. Wendy has been an influential member of the council for many years and we are so sad at the news of her passing. A light has gone out in Solva today but we must remember the better days. Our sympathies go out to her family and friends, she will be missed by so many.  The scheduled council meeting this evening has been postponed as a mark of respect and will be rescheduled for another day.
Middle Mill Road Closure

Middle Mill Road Closure

On the 5th February there will be a road closure for one day due to telecom polling works.  The road being closed will be the Unclassified (U3026) road towards Middle Mill – from its junction with the C3057 crossroads, west to its junction within the vicinity of the property known as Tremaenhir.  An alternative route can be found on the C3057 Middle Mill towards Brawdy, and C3057 road towards the U3026 junction. Pedestrian access will be maintained.

More information is available here:

Photo by William Buist on Unsplash

Save a Life Cymru

Save a Life Cymru

As part of our commitment to a healthy and safe community we’re supporting the Save a Life Cymru project. We’ll be sharing more information from the project as we have it.

Every year over 6,000 people in Wales will have a cardiac arrest in the community and many will die without some simple and easy to learn interventions. Save a Life Cymru; established to increase the number of people who survive a cardiac arrest in the community; is seeking your support to help them share this important lifesaving message.

They have produced a training video: and are looking to assist with training for public access defibrillators and encouraging the installation of more.

Touch Someone’s Life, a public information campaign, explains what any person should do in the event of a cardiac arrest (a condition where the heart suddenly stops working and the person becomes unconscious). CPR must be started immediately to pump blood around the body and a defibrillator used to restart the heart. The unpredictable and time-sensitive nature of cardiac arrest in the community makes it a unique medical emergency. There is no other medical situation that relies on such community intervention.

Around 80% of community cardiac arrests in Wales happen in peoples’ homes and can happen to anyone at any time. Many who experience a cardiac arrest often appear healthy with no known risk factors.  This emphasises the importance for everyone to have CPR skills to help save family, friends, colleagues, neighbours or a stranger.

Their ambition is to create cultural change across Wales so that everyone  understands the urgent need to help anyone experiencing a cardiac arrest, as well as having the skills and confidence to start CPR and defibrillation.

Together for Change – Pembrokeshire Communities Working Together

Together for Change – Pembrokeshire Communities Working Together

Following on from the successful Solva Symposium held earlier this year, Solva Care will be hosting an online event for all community groups – or community-minded individuals – to find out more about how they could participate in this Pembrokeshire-wide partnership project.

Together for Change is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund to bring community groups together in Pembrokeshire to network and provide mutual support so that as many communities as possible can benefit.

The event is hosted by Zoom on Tuesday 30 June at 10am. For more details, see our project page Together for Change page.  To register email Project Coordinator Jessie Buchanan on before the 26 June giving the following information: your name, organisation and number of volunteers (if applicable), contact details, and area of interest in community development. Please let Jessie know if you would like to participate but have trouble with accessing  Zoom and we will see if we can help.