We have been informed by the Hywel Dda Health Board to start the roll–out of the 2nd vaccine (Oxford Astra Zeneca) to Cohort 2 (all those 80 years or age and over) from week 11 onwards, following their first dose. Therefore, we hope to be contacting this group soon. PLEASE DO NOT RING THE SURGERY.
We are also getting a high number of calls from patients asking why their husband/wife/neighbour etc. are being called for their second vaccine and they haven’t. This is because those patients in Cohort 3 (aged 75-79) attended a mass vaccination centre for their first dose of the Pfizer-BioNtech, and can expect to be contacted soon for their second dose. The schedule for the second dose interval for the Pfizer-BioNtech DIFFERS from the Oxford-Astra Zeneca and is administered before 12 weeks.
Please do not contact the surgery regarding this as we are unable to give you any further information.
In the meantime if you or someone you know in group 1-6 has not been vaccinated please get in touch as soon as possible.