Monday 5 July is both the 73rd anniversary of the birth of the NHS and 2021’s National day to celebrate the contribution of NHS Social Care and Frontline Workers. Solva has planned a scaled down, Covid-conscious, programme which
will be centred on the Football Club, where a commemorative Flag will be raised at 10 am. There will also be a small display of information about the NHS and a box for donations to NHS charities. The community is invited to display a rainbow and to join in the planned national two minute silence at 11 am, either at the football club or at home. Similarly you are invited to join the 8 pm clap for frontline workers, in the same manner that we did last year.
In addition there is a planned National Toast at 1 pm but under current COVID restrictions you will have to observe that part of the day at home, or in the pub!
“To those who give so much, 24 hours a day, seven days a week within the NHS, social care and on
the frontline, we salute you”.