The coffee morning team, with support from Solva Care, is planning to hold an Open Air Coffee Morning in Parc y Capel in early September. Ann and Robin have kindly agreed to provide electricity and the Chapel have allowed us to use the Parc.
Owing to the Covid-19 regulations we will have to observe certain restrictions:
● Social distancing – tables of two, three or four a distance apart.
● We will provide disposable cups but you can bring your own cup/mug if you prefer.
● At the time of writing the regulations limit the number of people who can meet outdoors to 30.
We aim to meet this requirement and will extend the usual time from 11am to 1pm. We know that
some folk prefer to come early and others a bit later, so hope that this works out.
● Unfortunately we cannot bring people in cars but hope that family and friends will be able to
arrange transport for those who need it.
● THE BIG PROBLEM is the weather. The preferred date is Thursday 3 September.
We need a dry, calm day. Sunshine would be a bonus! If the 3 September is not good we will try for
Friday 4, Thursday 10 or Friday 11 September. Phone on the day, if in doubt: 07970 614233 or 07805
717556 or 07779 052234.
● The wearing of a mask is optional.
In spite of all these obligations we want everyone to enjoy an opportunity to come together after almost 6 months. It would be nice to see everyone before the winter! Hope to see you in the Parc!