Three of the defibrillators in Solva are managed by Solva WI. So far this year they have been used twice. Pads that are placed on the chest to monitor the heart and deliver the shock are disposable and must be replaced after each use. We have had
two very generous donations from the Royal Antideluvian Order of Buffaloes and Solva Care (see front page) to fund these replacements, but we must be informed that the machines have been used so that they can be checked, pads replaced and
the machine made ready for further use.
Please inform the following people if any of the defibrillators are used:
Ann Tyler: 07779 052234, Kathy Davies: 07967 934756 and Helen Thomas: 07432 648596 (these numbers are also in the defibrillator cabinets). Defibrillators are placed at: Solva Memorial Hall, Upper Solva, Harbour Inn, Lower Solva and Trinity Quay, Lower Solva. Breaking News – There is a new Defibrillator at AFC Community Clubhouse which is being looked
after by Helen Thomas and one at Llanungar Caravan Park, maintained by Llanungar Fach Farm.