Feeding seagulls can result in over-population and the birds becoming a nuisance as they quickly learn where there are ready sources of food. They may even become aggressive to people if they realise that members of the public are likely to have food. More birds mean more mess and bird poo can attract vermin and spread disease. All in all, it is better for both people and seagulls if we refrain from feeding these seabirds. They do not prosper on a diet of bread, chips and other scraps and quickly become a serious nuisance when looking for their next meal. The RSPCA believe gulls may suffer from “Angel Wing” as snacks are high in calories but otherwise of poor nutritional value. Angel Wing is a syndrome which primarily afflicts aquatic birds. The final joint in the wing becomes twisted, causing the feathers to point out instead of lying against the body. The syndrome is incurable and it is thought the main cause is poor nutrition.
In Solva the quay is an especially vulnerable area where locals and visitors alike are guilty of feeding seagulls and thus, inadvertently, training the birds to attack for food. Please do not feed them.