Pembrokeshire County Council Leader, Councillor David Simpson, has provided a further coronavirus update for Tuesday, 5th May, as follows:

Today is Day 42 of lockdown. Everyone should be proud of their achievements by staying at home and staying safe. Thank you.

It has been a very odd period in all our lives, totally unprecedented. It has made us ask many questions about ourselves and our resolve while recognising the way we have had to adapt and our ability to change.

We have managed to rally together to support each other and achieved something we should all be proud of.

Each day we hear stories of volunteers delivering parcels, people supporting each other in the communities and making PPE for care and NHS workers. Everything that you are all doing is strengthening our communities and I thank you.

I have highlighted previously that the Council has set up a Provider Hub. This newly-formed team continue to support the care providers and ensure that care and support workers are protected as much as possible during the Covid-19 outbreak.

I want to thank this team. I trust their work reassures care home and domiciliary care providers, care staff, families and, most importantly, those receiving care. I know the Authority is working hard to provide this extra support in what is a testing time for all.

The care providers will have full contact details for the Provider Hub, so if you have any issues or queries please contact the hub so we can assist and give advice as required.

With the 75th anniversary of VE Day on Friday, I want to remind everyone that on that important day we are still in lockdown. Unfortunately we are unable to celebrate as we would normally.

As we continue to be in lockdown the stay-at-home rules still apply. Follow the celebrations on line or on television but please if you are going to join in the sing-along in the evening, remember that social distancing still applies.

Finally I want to thank the town and community councils across the county that are keeping their residents up to date on matters by sharing our social media posts and press releases.

This is much appreciated as it is important to convey the information to the widest possible audience.

Stay at home, stay safe and please ensure we all work together to save lives.

The following press releases have been issued since my update yesterday:

 ·         NHS Worker Helped By Community Hub:

 ·         Free Online Resources Available At Libraries:

Public Health Wales is updating and adding to their resources regularly.  Please find all assets here:

Also, please keep an eye on our newsroom at:

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Don’t risk catching or spreading the virus, why risk it?  Remember: Stay Strong, Stay Safe and Stay at Home. Thank you.’

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