The Mount Farm Milk Scheme is now established with every household in Solva being provided with a free one litre milk bottle that can be used over again. This scheme is supported and subsidised by Solva Community Council as part of its green agenda.
If everyone in Solva were to use recyclable bottles then there would be a reduction in single use plastic with huge benefits for our marine environment. Over time the farm will repay the investment that the council has made. So far the response has been hugely positive, so try out the delicious, wholesome milk that comes from a local farm, providing local employment. If you lose or break your free bottle then a replacement can be purchased at Bay View
Stores. If we missed you out, quite possibly as over 400 were dispensed, and you are on the electoral roll, let Ifor Thomas know, 07971 038643, and he will deliver you a bottle! Get the right white stuff for a pound a litre at the self service point outside Bay View Stores.
Thanks to Rob & Lindsey Richards of Mount Farm for making a considerable investment to get this exciting initiative off the ground. To recap! – The milk is £1 a litre or 65p for half a litre. Additional glass bottles can be purchased for £2 with refills only £1.