In December last year Solva became a living Advent Calendar with windows lighting up to reveal many interesting, colourful, individual displays of ideas for Christmas. None of us could have foreseen how different this Christmas would be. But Solva can sparkle again and even brighter. No need for masks, social distancing, hand washing or Zoom meetings – within the safety of our own homes we can decorate a window and the more the merrier and the bigger the impact. Just to remind you of the details. Each night between 5 – 10 pm from 1 December to 24 December the decorated windows are lit. You can choose the day you wish to start and the theme of your window. It is important to include the number of your starting date in the design of your window. It does not have to be religious but should have a festival feel. It does not have to be on a main road but needs to be visible from a road or path. It can be an upstairs window. It needs to be well lit and the more colourful the better. To choose a date and for more details get in touch with Lena (07805 717556) or Carol Ann (07970 614233). When all the dates are in we will issue a map so that everyone will know where to view the windows. A bit like a cold version of the scarecrow trail but no competition, no prizes – just for fun. We are hoping that all ages will get involved in this Corona-free event for a bigger and even better…. SPARKLING SOLVA 2020!