The scheme was launched by Gwyn Price of Bay View Stores and Sam Ellison, of I Love Solva, to cheer people up and let them know they are appreciated. It has been a huge success. The boxes are given free of charge to nominated people in the
community who may be struggling financially, tired as they’re a key worker or work for the NHS, or others who may just need a little pick-me-up. Nominations can be submitted to Bay View Stores via their Facebook messenger. To date Bay View
Stores, along with a dedicated team, have delivered over 250 Cwtch boxes of food to members of our community and surrounding area. But they need your help to keep it going:
• You can make a monetary donation and we will use this to buy items. (Please message on Facebook or pop into Bay View    Stores)
• You can donate food items into our food pod next to the shop.
• You can nominate someone who needs/deserves a Cwtch Box.
Every donation means that we can carry on doing what we are doing and helping those who need it.
A huge thank you also needs to go to Richard at Whitesands Beach House, Sam and our Tetris box packing queen Jane, plus the other companies that have been involved. Not forgetting Gwyn!