The Solva CLT Survey was conducted over a period of 3 weeks in April and May. There was an excellent response rate with a total of 141 completed surveys. 87% of all respondents were full time residents of Solva or Brawdy.

The results showed a clear need for affordable housing within the parishes of Solva and Brawdy with a requirement for housing that is suitable for both families with younger children and adapted housing for more elderly members of the community. 33% of respondents were male, 56% were female with a good distribution of ages represented, including young people and the older members of the community. 86% of all respondents supported the idea of affordable housing being built with reasons given including: to support young people who want to stay in the area or return to the area: “Allows young people to stay in the area” (Female, age 20-44); ensuring enough affordable rentable housing: “To ensure housing is relative to incomes”(Male, age 45-64), and Local housing needed for those local to the area: “Keep locals in the area, stop them moving away. Encourage them to work in traditional industries such as fishing. “Keep the community alive” (Male, age 20-44).

The survey showed a clear need for affordable housing in Solva. Of the 65 respondents who said their housing needs would change in the future, 56% said they would need an affordable home. Reasons included: the size of the current home, costs, would like to live independently and would like to return to the parish. The survey showed a high level of support for the project with almost a third of all respondents saying they would like to hear more about the project or to get involved. “The cost of housing in the village does not reflect the level of income many people have”, is another comment that came back from the survey. Another, under twenty year old respondent, said “I think it’s a good idea because it encourages new families to create a life in our village”. Another said that the CLT would “give young people and young families the choice to settle here.”

One thing is clear, the people of Solva want the project to take place and create long term affordable housing that is sustainable and eco-friendly. Despite the lock down the CLT continues to make progress and on-line meetings have taken place with the ateb group, the housing association that will partner us, to confirm the brief and start to think about the challenges that lie ahead.

Read the full survey report.