Cllr Mark Carter –
I have now been the Pembrokeshire County Council member for the last 4 1/2 years for the Solva ward and I can only say how satisfying a role it generally is. However, there is one very serious problem, especially in Solva, which I am struggling to sort.
Yet it is entirely fixable if members of the public were to change their behaviour. A minority of residents seem just not to care where their dogs make a mess and appear content to allow the children of the village to play football on the AFC pitch riddled with dog faeces, possibly parasite worms and toxocara. Either certain dog owners are just letting their dogs out, on their own, so the dog does not foul the owner’s garden; alternatively the dog is being walked on the AFC pitch area and the dog owner is
watching the dog foul the pitch and making no attempt to clean up. There is CCTV on the clubhouse but checking that is a time consuming business. What needs to happen is that inconsiderate dog owners need catching and prosecuting. As County
Councillor, I appeal to the residents of Solva to provide me with hard evidence as to who is responsible for this and, if such information is forthcoming, I promise residents that I will do everything I can to get a prosecution / fixed penalty. This situation has gone on long enough, regards Mark Carter.