Here you will find information about Ultrafast Broadband – the Solva Project Area


Images from Pembrokeshire County Council.

A project overview

  • 90 Project Areas
  • Fully Inclusive
  • Current Phase
  • Complex Engineering Project

Current statistics for Fibre in Pembrokeshire

  • Only 6.86% of properties in Pembrokeshire enjoy Full
    Fibre to the property/home (FTTP or FTTH)
  • 6.87% have speeds of less than 10mbps
  • 2.47% of properties are still only achieving 2mbps
    download speed
  • 88.3% can get speeds up to 30mbps

What is the picture in Solva?

There are 632 premises in Solva.  The current sign up level is 28%, however the target level is 30-40%.

@digitalpembs have some great ideas about what you can do to help:


  • Spread the word
    – Share on local social media
    – Speak to neighbours and other members of the community
    – Direct people to the online survey
    – Share information in the community


  • Join together – there’s power in numbers
    – Rally around and encourage people to sign up
    – Collectively chose supplier for the project area


  • Invest
    – Time, commitment, effort
    – Local knowledge
    – Time to attend virtual meetings

Why Fibre?

  • We need more bandwidth
  • Copper days are over
  • Business efficiency
  • Flexible working
  • Reliability and consistency
  • Scalable & future proof
  • Cheaper to maintain 
  • Increases property value
  • Analogue connections due to end in 2025,
    possibly earlier

The role of PCC

  • Remove barriers (liaise with various departments including highways, wayleaves, planning)
  • Liaison – state aid projects
  • Provide Unbiased information to Community Groups to
    enable informed decisions
  • Dedicated team of Broadband Engagement Officers
    working on your behalf