On 9 & 11 December, members of the Solva community got the chance to put forward their views for the type of housing that will be available in Solva through the Solva Community Land Trust.

PLANED Pembrokeshire Community Land Trust project staff have been working with Solva Community Council to develop plans for a CLT. Pembrokeshire Community Land Trust (CLT) is a LEADER funded project administered by PLANED and is working with communities to deliver genuinely and permanently affordable homes, that are owned and run by local people, for local people, that generate incomes for their communities.

Ifor Thomas, Solva Community Council said: “Solva welcomes this opportunity to form a Community Land Trust that can deliver homes for members of the communities of Solva and Brawdy. This is a huge opportunity to help shape a sustainable future which all members of our village will be able to participate in. We will be holding open meetings to ensure that everyone is given an opportunity to lend their skills, experience and advice to ensure the success of this project.”