A plea to people walking dogs along the country lanes to not jettison their dog waste bags into the surrounding fields! This has happened throughout lockdown, so holiday makers are not to blame. A particular “hot spot” is to the west of Llanungar Lane
heading north to the airfield, close to the last bend, where a gap in the hedge appears to offer an attractive hole through which to throw dog waste bags. The field corner has recently been re-fenced with 26 filled dog bags removed! Cattle graze these fields, and plastic bags and dog faeces can be lethal to cattle. To add to this plea: dog mess has just been left on
footpaths or in bags strung up in undergrowth throughout the village, the harbour, the coastal paths and the playing fields. What is the matter with these irresponsible dog owners who apparently have no regard for other people, the environment, wild life or farm animals? BAG IT AND THEN BIN IT. There is a fine of £1000 for not disposing of your dog’s waste properly.