Following significant research and discussion across our community it is with regret that we have to inform residents that the public meeting scheduled for the 27th of July has been cancelled. After careful consideration and with new documents coming to light the Council are unable to permit any use of the recreation grounds for access as set out in the deed of gift, this would not be a permitted use or in line with provisions that this land may only be used for community benefit.

We as a council have already made representations regarding amended planning and although this alternate route is not feasible, we would welcome suggestions from the developers should they wish to present another route. We are also mindful of the disruption to residents in this area and will continue to make representations on behalf of those residents affected should any further queries or difficulties arise.

Solva community council is committed to providing open and transparent engagement with all members of the community as we have demonstrated on this occasion. Unfortunately, there are legal restrictions that could not be ignored, and we have taken our decision in line with covenants within the deed of gift.

Community meetings convened by local government electors

Should a sufficient number of residents require us to hold a meeting there are regulations set out in the Local Government Act 1972 as amended by the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011 that allow for this. It states:

A community meeting may also be convened at any time by not less than 50 Solva electors. Such a meeting must be chaired by the existing chair of the community council.

The convenors of the meeting are required to give notice of the meeting to Solva community council. The notice must include the name, signature, and address of each of the individuals who assert that they have convened a community meeting, and,

  • The business which is proposed to be transacted at the meeting
  • The proposed time and place at which the meeting is to be held

If the business of the community meeting is a general issue, at least seven clear days notice of the meeting must be given.

For further information please contact the Clerk, Bruce Payne on 07890 987259 or